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How to Assign A Group of Fields to a User

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how to drag and select many field types to edit them in eSign

In eSign, you can select more than one field type at a time, and assign all of those selected field types to one user. This saves you time and efficiency when many of your field types are being filled out by one recipient.

Here is how to do assign a group of field types to a user:

  1. Add your desired field types to your document, without assigning them to anyone.
  2. With your mouse, select all the field types that you want to assign to the same user. You can see that in- action, here.
  3. Now that you have created a selection “box”, as shown by the new color, you can now just assign one of those field types to a user. (That will be the user you intend to have fill out all the field types you’ve just highlighted/selected.) After assigning any ONE of the field types to that user, now ALL the field types you already selected (highlighted) are all now bulk assigned to that one user. You can even double check that you did this correctly by opening up the fields and seeing if they were in fact correctly assigned.
  4. Mess up? You can always re-assign any field type you need to, and re-assign it to the correct recipient!

Want to see how you can assign all field types in a document to one recipient? Click here.

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