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How to Assign All Field Types to One User With One Click

By August 14, 2020 No Comments

In eSign, you can select each field type and assign it to its intended recipient. You can also select more than one field type at once (by highlighting them), and then assign all of those field types to one intended recipient.

how to bulk assign to one user

But you can also assign every field type to one user. Here is how:

  1. Add all your field types to a document, and then go to the right hand side and look for “Assign All Fields to User.” As long as the user has already been entered in the system (go to USERS tab), you can then type their email/name in here and have all field types you’ve added to the document then be assigned to that one person.
  2. Now you have assigned it to that user. Hit create document to send it out.

The goal was to eliminate assigning each and every field type to a user, one by one, which can be tedious if you have many field types on your document. This way you can simply assign the entire document’s field types, to one user. You can always go back and change individual field types, after doing this, too.  See how this looks in-action here.

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