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How to Use the W-9 Template Available to You in eSign

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w-9 available to you in eSign

  1. In order to use the W-9 with your vendors, log in and head to the templates tab.
  2. Under the templates tab, you will find the non-editable W-9. Open it up by hitting “Review and Send.”
  3. From there, you can assign it to its recipient by going on the right hand side and hitting “Assign All Fields to User” and selecting your recipient. If it needs to go to a group you’ve already made, you can send it to the group via the “Assign Document to Email Group?” Simply select your pre-made group from the drop down there.
  4. You can also rename your W-9 document, if need be.
  5. Once you’ve assigned it to someone (or a group of recipients), hit Create Document.
  6. Then the recipient will be able to receive it and fill it out. See below for more on how that looks.

w9 in eSign

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