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How to Save & Use Your Drawn Signature (Signature Capture) in eSign

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Users have the ability to draw their own signature and select to add that drawn signature to documents. (They can also still click the cursive typeface which will serve as their digital signature.) Here is how to manage your signature (not to be confused with the cursive typeface):

  1. To set up or to manage your drawn signature, head to your Account tab. Scroll down to the Signatures section. This is similar to what you will see:

2. Now hit “Add a Signature” and draw your signature. Hit “Save New Signature” when done:


3. Now when you go to sign a document, this will be available for you to use. You can still click on your name to sign via typeface, if desired, but you can also use your signature as a stamp. First click on your name as you normally would and this will show for you, which is optional to use:


4. Now you can leave the signature as is, and SAVE the document (via the green button at the bottom of the page). This will give you the cursive typeface signature. Or, at this point, you can select your saved signature by clicking/selecting the radio button, as shown below:

5. You can also manage your saved signatures here, if needed, by clicking on that text that reads “Manage saved signatures.” (Then you will need to come back to this page to sign.)

6. If you do select your saved signature by selecting the radio button as shown above, now fill out the rest of the document as needed and hit the green SAVE button at the bottom of the document. Now the document is signed with your signature stamp.

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